Offers for companies

“A fool with a tool is still a fool.”

Grady Booch

Our offers for senior executives of corporate groups and medium-sized companies:

Advanced training courses for senior executives
Our multi-module courses are individually tailored to the respective business challenges of top management.

Retreats for board teams
Retreats improve the professionalism of executive committees. So that the way of working together helps to achieve the company’s goal more effectively.

Developing high potentials
Our five-day intensive seminar for professionals who want to become managers or who are switching from technical to management responsibility prepares participants intensively for the personal challenges of their new role.

Accompanying entrepreneurial families in handing over their businesses to the next generation
Whether or not a company can actually be successfully handed over to the next generation depends on a question that is all too often neglected: Can the children of an entrepreneurial family actually make their parents’ project their own in such a way that they will be satisfied and happy with it throughout their lives?

Leadership workshops
In one-day workshops, we work with the leadership team of a company, or a department of the company, on the basics of excellent leadership. The focus is on the personal challenges that each individual leader faces and the leadership culture that is appropriate to the company’s goals.

Leadership keynotes
We give lectures and keynotes on the topics of authenticity, character and leadership at scientific congresses and for the management of international corporations and medium-sized companies.

As a non-profit organization the Institute for Philosophy and Leadership uses all its earnings for the education and personal development of young people with exceptional leadersip talent.