Academy “Leadership and Personality” for High Potentials

In cooperation with the Karl Schlecht Foundation, we run a one-week Academy for young people between the ages of 23 and 29 who want to prepare themselves intensively for a future career as a leader. You can apply for a scholarship to participate. However, the academy is held in German.

“Actually, I’m quite different. I just get to do it so rarely.”

Ödon von Horvath

With our Academies, we are responding to a urgent problem in the education of talented young people who want to prepare themselves for a career in a company, found a start-up or take over a family business: Technical knowledge, also in the area of management, is taught at universities. The training of the competence to lead people, however, is clearly neglected.

We are convinced that one can successfully lead other people only if one is able to lead oneself. But leading oneself is impossible without the ability to reflect yourself and a high degree of self-awareness. Learning to lead oneself is therefore one of the great challenges for anyone who wants to lead others and become a leader in a top position.

Within the framework of the Academy, you will become familiar with methods and exercises that the philosophical tradition and the Jesuit Order have developed in its more than 450-year history in order to train young people for leadership positions. The focus of the Academy is on your individual process. There are no papers or lectures given at the Academy, not even on leadership. You will get a sound introduction into mindfulness meditation and yoga practice, short daily inputs provide you with tools to reflect yourself.

Our Academies aim at young adults who are prepared to spend an intensive time in order to gain orientation about the most important questions of life: Why am I doing what I’m doing? What is really worth pursuing? What kind of person am I and do I want to be? This process is supplemented by discussions with top leaders from business, politics and culture.

The Summer Academy is generously sponsored by the Karl Schlecht Foundation, so that up to twelve scholarships can be offered. Our guests work on a pro-bono basis. .


As the Academy will be held in German, please refer for applications and dates to the german webside.