For you individually

Depending on your age and life situation, different questions arise. What should I do professionally later on? Does the life I lead still suit me at all? How can I be successful professionally and have a reasonably balanced family life? What does it mean to take over the running of a family business – especially for my relationship with my parents? Here are some of the course we offer:

Retreat for executives
… if you want to get away from your everyday life and have time to reflect.

Intensive seminar for professionals
… if you are between your late 20s and mid 40s and you believe that you could lead others.

Academy Leadership and Personality
… if you are between 23 and 29 years old and it is clear to you that you urgently need to deal with the topic of leadership.

Passing on a family business
… if you are considering taking over the succession in a family business or have already taken the first steps to do so. Or if you have founded a family business and are unsure whether your children should come into the business.

All proceeds from the Institute for Philosophy and Leadership benefit our work, recognized as a non-profit, in educating young people who demonstrate talent for leadership.