Retreat for leaders

A retreat is a time set apart, away from distractions, where you can gather your thoughts, in order to return to everyday life renewed and invigorated. In the process of the retreat, you will be introduced to exercises, methods and content that you can continue in your everyday life. This will provide you with long-term, sustainable support in maintaining authority over your own life and not losing a sense of your own self-determined life amidst the demands, work pressures, tensions and conflicts.

“It comes down to regaining authority over your own life. The challenge is to be calm, confident and inwardly free in the face of all external pressures, constraints and necessities.”

Prof. Dr. Michael Bordt SJ

With the retreat at Schloss Elmau, we are primarily addressing executives who …

  • … want to leave the past behind in order to make fundamental, long-term decisions and thus give their lives a new direction on a sustainable basis.
  • … do not want to lose themselves in the face of high work demands and want to feel in command of all that they do, strong, calm and resilient.
  • … want to prepare themselves intensively for the personal challenges associated with taking on a new, demanding role as a leader.

Contents of the retreat

The retreat is based on exercises and content that come from the philosophy and tradition of the Jesuit Order, which has been training and accompanying leaders in top positions since its founding over 450 years ago. Elements of the retreat are in particular

  • … daily input that explains the process of the retreat and give you practical help to work out inner freedom and new clarity for yourself.
  • … the chance to have daily one-to-one conversations.
  • …twice daily introductions to meditation or exercises to deepen your personal meditation practice (in the tradition of Mindfulness Meditation). The meditation is complemented by elements from the yoga tradition.


If you would like to apply for a retreat, please email Prof. Dr. Michael Bordt SJ. You should be able to understand German even if you don´t need to speak it. The number of participants is limited to seven. For further information (application, costs etc.) please refer to the german webside.