Prof. Dr. Michael Bordt SJ

Michael Bordt SJ is a member of the Jesuit Order and teaches at the Munich School of Philosophy. After his studies in Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich he was accepted at Oxford University for his PhD in philosophy. He wrote his dissertation on friendship and love in Plato. His supervisor was Prof. Dr. Michael Frede. After having finished his theses in Oxford, he was invited at Princeton University for a research fellowship, followed by his habilitation at the University of Fribourg. From 1996 he researched and taught in the field of ancient philosophy and philosophical anthropology at the Munich School of Philosophy. In 2005, the University Senate elected him as its president.

In 2011, together with Johannes Lober, he founded the Institute for Philosophy and Leadership to offer consulting, guidance and workshops for executives in top positions at large medium-sized companies and corporations such as the BMW Group, Deutsche Börse AG and ThyssenKrupp AG. To this end, Bordt makes the tradition of Western and Eastern philosophy and the spirituality of the Jesuit order fruitful for the challenges which executives are facing today.



“Good leaders must first and foremost be at peace with themselves.”

Prof. Dr. Michael Bordt SJ

In addition to his academic publications, he has written numerous bestsellers aimed at a broad audience open to philosophy, including „Die Kunst, sich selbst auszuhalten“ (2013, revised new edition 2023), „Die Kunst, sich selbst zu verstehen“ (2015), „Die Kunst, die Eltern zu enttäuschen“ (2017), „Die Kunst unserer Sehnsucht zu folgen“ (2020) and „Was in Krisen zählt“ (new edition 2023). However, untill now no book has been translated into English. More information (in German).