Advanced training courses for senior executives

Our advanced training courses for the top management of large corporations and companies are individually designed for the current situation of the executives and the company. They are designed to develop a common understanding of leadership based on concrete topics (e. g. transformation, digitalization, empowerment, etc.) and to strengthen the executives in their personality for the current and upcoming challenges. Our courses take place in several modules and are spread out over a longer period of time.

The modules last one and a half to two and a half days and take place in quiet meeting houses located in the countryside, often former monastery complexes, such as in Kloster Seeon, Kloster Schweinheim, Kloster Holzen, Schloss Hohenkammer or Schloss Goldegg

Examples of our training courses:

BMW Group

Advanced training course “Leadership and Personality” with the focus on “Resilience”, “Enduring oneself”, “Power and Trust” for the members of the board of directors and the division managers (2nd management level) in three modules.

The training course supported top management in developing power, strength and motivation from their own personalities in times of increasing volatility and complexity. The modules focused on their own goals, needs and values, questions about meaning, power, trust and motivation, as well as exercises in self- awareness (mindfulness meditation). The evaluation showed that three-quarters of participants were convinced that our course had supported them more than other training courses in fulfilling their role at BMW.


Training course on “Leadership as Empowerment” focusing on “Acting Entrepreneurially in a Group” for Executive Board members and divisional managers in key WACKER Group positions in two modules and a workshop.

The training course provided answers to the question of how to operate successfully as an entrepreneur in the structures of a corporate group. What structural and personal prerequisites must be in place so that executive board members, divisional managers and personnel from other levels can take responsibility and exercise authority when making decisions? The will or unwillingness to assume power and responsibility (on the part of the divisional managers), but also to relinquish it (on the part of the Board of Management) are at the heart of the course.

BayWa AG

Advanced training course “Leadership and Personality” for the Board of Management and managers of BayWa Technik in three modules with a focus on transformation through digitalization.

The rapidly advancing digitalization in agricultural technology poses major challenges for BayWa AG. The course will work on how to deal with the personal challenges of digital transformation for the top executives in BayWa Technik. The focus is also on joint work in the further development of the division’s strategy.


Since 2019, we have regularly conducted an advanced training course for the Corporate Campus of DZ-Bank in three modules, each lasting 1.5 days. The modules are aimed at senior management at DZ-Bank and its affiliated financial institutions.

In view of the massive technological upheavals and the political guidelines that challenge the traditional business of the financial industry, the advanced training course looks at what we can do to maintain our inner stability.


Advanced training course “Leadership and Personality” for the Executive Board and Management of EOS GmbH with a focus on leadership in the VUCA world.

As a world market leader in the field of industrial 3D printing and as a technology and innovation leader, the top executives of EOS GmbH are confronted with an extremely volatile environment. How to cope with external uncertainties and tensions is the topic of the course. Our answer to the challenge of being successful as a leader in a VUCA-environment is an attitude of self-awareness and self-reflection. In this way, ‘volatility’ is countered by the ability to focus on work (‘deep work’), ‘uncertainty’ by the security of one’s own personality, ‘complexity’ by the ability to make clear decisions, and ‘ambiguity’ by the clarity of one’s own motivation and inner experience.

Marco O’Polo AG

Marco O’Polo AG Advanced training course “Leadership and Personality” focuses on being able to confidently switch roles at work, and also cope with the expectations and stress which come with these changes, in two modules and a workshop for top management teams (board and directors).

Marc O’Polo AG is a fast-growing company in the fashion industry that had introduced new management structures in the years preceding the ‘Leadership and Personality’ course due to growth. The aim of the three-module course is to develop a leadership model based on the company’s strong culture that is displayed by all managers and has led to the company’s sustainable success.

Niessing GmbH & Co. KG

Advanced training course “Leadership and Personality” for the management and senior executives with a focus on “Transformation” at Niessing GmbH & Co. KG in two modules.

Niessing is in a phase of growth and an extensive change process that demands a great deal from its employees – above all, growing into a new understanding of their professional role. Authenticity across roles, which can be in conflict with personal life goals, and a clear strategy, which must be communicated appropriately throughout the company, are the focus of the modules.