Keynotes on the topic of leadership

Examples and main topics for lectures and keynotes:

Leadership and personality

  • Character instead of compliance
    (e. g. for the upper management of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH)
  • Attitude instead of administration
    (e. g. at the office meeting of Porsche Consulting GmbH)
  • Can you learn good leadership?
    (e. g. at the FAZ HR-Summit)


  • Credibility and authenticity
    (e. g. at the investor conference of EARLYBIRD)
  • Authenticity and trust. From the central challenges for a leader
    (e. g. for the members of the Board of Management of the BMW Group)
  • Am I my profession?
    (e. g. at the opening of the 93rd annual conference of the Association of Bavarian Surgeons e. V.)
  • Recognition or self-standing? What makes leaders resilient
    (e. g. at the “Forum Führung” of the DZ Bank)

Value-oriented leadership

  • Why are values important. Value-based leadership for the future viability of companies
    (e. g. at BMW BKK)
  • Legal, but not legitimate? On the meaning and absurdity of an ethical distinction
    (e. g. at a discussion evening of the Bundes Katholischer Unternehmer e. V.)
  • Who loves, wants power. On dealing with power in companies
    (e. g. for the upper management of the BMW Group)
  • Ways to a new ethics
    (e. g. for the course for administrative management of the Bavarian State Chancellery)
  • And lead us into temptation! On the ethics of neuromarketing
    (e. g. at the Neuromarketing Congress of the Nymphenburg Group)

Leading in a VUCA world

  • Being an entrepreneur in a large corporation
    (e. g. at the workshop for board members and division managers of the BMW Group)
  • The new hype around Mindfulness: Wellness or leadership tool?
    (e. g. at the Munich Circle for Leadership Ethics with Dr. Norbert Reithofer)
  • AI: Who is the better doctor – human or algorithm?
    (e. g. at the DiaTec conference)
  • AI: Who leads better – a human or an algorithm?

Leadership in family businesses

  • Family & Business
    (i. a. at the conference’ The Owners Forum. Middle East 2013)

Leadership in the Jesuit Order

  • Contemplativus in actione. What attitude does a leader need?
    (e. g. for the top management program of the Bavarian State Chancellery)
  • Leading Jesuitically?
    (e. g., lecture for the members of the American Chamber of Commerce)
  • On the inner attitude in service to people
    (e. g. at the 12th Congress of the Upper Austrian Religious Hospitals)
  • The new hype about Mindfulness: Victory of esotericism or Christian way to God?