Succession in a family business

You are considering taking over the family business, but are unsure whether this decision, which will shape your life, is actually sensible and feels right in the long run? You have built up or continue to run a family business yourself, but you are not sure whether it makes sense to hand over the business to your children or whether it is not better to set up an external management – or to sell the business altogether?

We accompany and advise sons and daughters of entrepreneurial families as well as their founders in the process of succession and transfer of a company to the next generation. The focus is always on the question of whether it is really right for the daughter or son, but also for the parents and the company, when the company is handed over to the next generation of the family. Whether a handover is successful, not only in its technical aspects, depends above all on personal prerequisites: Can the children of an entrepreneurial family actually make the parents’ project their own in such a way that they will be satisfied and happy with it in their lives?